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Welcome to RumSPK!!! Back in the top 10 and there to stay!
Get buddies to watch your back. It could save your cities and a lot of our troops!
Got an Embassy? Is it open? Are your gates open? (The answer should be yes!)
The system purged some accounts and we now have a lot of new empty flats around. Check the map around you and get to barbing.


 Reqirements to Join

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Reqirements to Join Empty
PostSubject: Reqirements to Join   Reqirements to Join EmptyFri May 15, 2009 5:37 pm

In order to join the Forums you must be a member of the RumLords alliance in the game Evony.
Until you register and get activated you will not be able to view any of the other topics on this forum.

In order to join the RumLords Alliance you must...

1)Be an active player.
2)Be in the region of Freisland.
3)Have 100,000 prestige or more.

If you wish to join the RumLords Alliance then contact the Host, either of the vice hosts, any presbyters, or any officers.

Once you have joined the RumLords then send me, and I will activate your account.

Sir Kelthazar the Presbyter in the RumLords.
Admin of the Forums.
If I thought about everything I said then I would never say anything.
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Reqirements to Join
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